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Article: Where to Order Rapid Antigen Test in Scotland, UK

Where to Order Rapid Antigen Test in Scotland, UK

Where to Order Rapid Antigen Test in Scotland, UK

Most people can no longer access free PCR and lateral flow NHS tests in Scotland and other parts of the UK.

However, the Scottish government recommends that if you have Covid-19 symptoms such as a high temperature, continuous cough and loss of smell (anosmia) or loss of taste (ageusia) you should self-isolate and order a PCR or rapid antigen test in Scotland.

Notably, free rapid testing in Scotland is available for specific people. However, those who aren’t eligible for the free NHS Scotland rapid antigen test can order Covid tests in Scotland at a small fee from CovidTests and other online providers.

If you’re planning to travel to Scotland or you require a Covid-19 test, here is everything you need to know about lateral flow testing in Scotland.

Where You Can Order Rapid Lateral Flow Tests in Scotland

Free NHS tests in Scotland are available for:

  • People who have a health condition that requires Covid-19 testing or treatment

  • Those in the hospital who need to test for Covid-19
  • Symptomatic people who work in social care and NHS health settings

  • People applying for the self-isolation support grant

If you need a lateral flow test but aren’t eligible for the free NHS test, you can order LFT in Scotland at an affordable price.

Buying a lateral flow test in Scotland is easy as the test is available online at CovidTests and from other private test providers.

Notably, when buying your LFT, always ensure it’s approved by the Scottish government. The FlowFlex and Healgen tests available at CovidTests are UK government-approved and MHRA- registered.

The reliable and easy-to-use lateral flow tests from CovidTests are available in packets of 1, 5, 20 and 25 testing kits. These tests can be used in both symptomatic and asymptomatic patients, and they’re also recommended for children as young as two years. Since they’re self-tests, you don’t have to visit a testing centre as the packet has everything you need to test on the go, and they give results in minutes. Go on and order a Covid test in Scotland from CovidTests today.

Where Can One Get a Lateral Flow Test for Travel

All travel restrictions in Scotland have been removed, meaning anyone intending to visit the country can do so at will.

However, if you’re planning to travel to another country from Scotland, you must check the Covid-19 international travel and legal requirements for your destination. Some countries will require you to have proof of a Covid-19 test, while others will require a vaccination certificate.

In Scotland, you can order a lateral flow test for travel online from a government-approved provider such as CovidTests. The prices of rapid tests from CovidTests start from £1.99 and vary depending on the type and number of tests you need.

Something to remember is that you shouldn’t travel if you’re feeling sick. The latest guidance from NHS Scotland recommends self-isolation for at least five days for people with Covid-19 symptoms, those who test positive, and those who have had close contact with an infected person. If your symptoms worsen, you should contact your GP immediately.

Where to Order a Free NHS Covid-19 Test

If you're eligible for the free NHS test, you can order yours on the GOV.UK site. If you’re having trouble ordering the test online, you can call 119. Calls to this number are free from mobile and landlines. Lines are open from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays between 9 am and 1 pm.

People who are eligible for the test can order one pack every three days. Each of the packs has 7 tests. Once you order the test, you will receive it from the testing centre within 3 days but orders made on public holidays or other busy days of the year might take longer.

If your pack doesn’t arrive in 5 days or some of the contents are missing or damaged, you need to call 119 for assistance. You can also order the rapid test for another household other than your own, but you have to make the order separately from yours and use their details.

Ensure you report the test results within 24 hours of taking the test. The Covid-19 test results should be reported even if they’re negative.


If you aren’t eligible for a free NHS test in Scotland, you can order yours from an online government-approved provider such as CovidTests. You can also buy FlowFlex Covid test for travel from CovidTests in case your travel destination requires Covid-19 testing proof.

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