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Your cart is empty is a leading supplier of COVID-19 rapid antigen tests for use domestically or for travel.

We stock a range of lateral flow testing kits that are approved by the UK Government for day-to-day testing and that are recognised as being suitable for travel testing purposes.

Our Work Before COVID

While was launched in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our work began before the pandemic with sister brand Hillside Hand Dryers, a one-stop-shop for Dyson Airblade machines and spare parts.

Early on in 2020 during the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, we launched our HandStations brand. We launched this in response to the overinflated prices many companies were charging for hand sanitation products such as hand sanitiser and dispensers. Our goal was to provide high-quality, affordable hand sanitation solutions – and almost two years later we have helped thousands of customers keep people safe with our products.

With our latest venture,, our goal is to provide fast, dependable, and affordable COVID-19 travel testing to the public and play our part in helping the world return to normality.

Our Vision

At, we see a world in the near future where we can all go back to living our lives the way we did before the pandemic. Employees will go back to their offices, families will reunite, people won’t be afraid of travel, and things will return to something that resembles normality.

This return to life as we once knew it will be enabled by frequent COVID-19 testing to reassure those around us that we’re all healthy and free from the virus. We are very happy to be playing our part in helping people in the UK remain safe and informed about their health.

By working together and testing regularly, we can beat this virus and get back to normal!

COVID-19 Lateral Flow Tests For Travel

Many destinations are now accepting lateral flow test results in lieu of PCR results as proof of a testing negative for COVID-19*.

This is great news for travellers who want faster results at a lower price; PCR results take a while to process, and tests can cost as much as £50 – 80 on average (or as much as £149+ for expedited test results!)

Simply order one of our COVID-19 travel test kits, sign up for Certifly, and follow instructions to complete the test and have your results certified. You’ll then receive a certificate that you can use for travel purposes – it’s that simple and you can learn more about it here. <<Link to Certifly page>>

There are certain rules and exceptions depending on your destination and vaccination status, so be sure to read up on the latest rules before you order a test from us.

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