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Article: How Much Is a PCR Test in the UK?

How Much Is a PCR Test in the UK?

How Much Is a PCR Test in the UK?

For a long time, COVID-19 testing in the UK was entirely free. This was due to how widespread the virus was. However, for several reasons, you can no longer get a COVID-19 test for free. Regardless, it is still important to take these tests. Therefore, you need to know how much they cost. So, how much are PCR tests?

How Much Is a PCR Test in the UK?

In a bid to simply live with the COVID-19 virus, the UK government ended free COVID testing for the majority of the population. Therefore, you can no longer get lateral flow tests (LFTs) for free in England. This restriction also applies to polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. That said, certain groups of people are still eligible to run the test free of charge (more on that later).

How much are PCR tests in the UK? The prices of PCR tests vary from store to store, and you can find them in various pharmacies across the UK. 

How Much Is a PCR Test in London?

In London, you can visit private providers such as Boots and purchase a COVID-19 PCR test for about £79 and get the results within 48 hours. That said, this test is not appropriate for children aged five and below or individuals already showing COVID-19 symptoms.

Another store you can find PCR tests is Lloyds Pharmacy. Similar to Boots, you can purchase a test in-store for about £79, but again, they are not suitable for people with symptoms.

Another option is to visit Bupa for their testing service. The establishment sells COVID-19 PCR tests you can take at home (£99). You can also find ‘'Day 2 PCR tests'” at Project Screen for about £59. 

How Much Is a PCR Test in Scotland?

In Scotland, the price of PCR testing range varies based on test location and analyser type. However, the average is between £19 - £43. On the bright side, the UK government also disclosed that if you test positive on an LFT (a much more affordable option), you do not need to confirm this result with a PCR test.

Who Can Still Get Free Covid Testing in the UK?

Unfortunately, you can no longer get free LTFs or PCR tests. However, this limitation does not apply to everyone. Select groups of people are still entitled to free tests. These include:

  • NHS workers who take care of patients
  • Habitants of a care home
  • Care home or hospital visitors
  • Healthcare and social workers
  • Unpaid carers
  • Hospitalized people who require PCR tests before commencing treatment
  • Patients who move to hospices or care homes.

If you do not fall within these categories and need to perform a lateral flow test, you can opt for Healgen tests or a Flowflex COVID test. They are affordable, effective, and give quick results.


Currently, most people cannot get free COVID testing in the UK. Nevertheless, some groups, such as healthcare and social workers, hospital patients, and others, still can. If you are not eligible for free testing, you can still purchase LFTs or PCR tests across the UK. Keep in mind that the prices of these tests vary from store to store and by type.

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