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Article: Where to Order Lateral Flow Tests for Schools?

Where to Order Lateral Flow Tests for Schools?

Where to Order Lateral Flow Tests for Schools?

Free lateral flow tests may no longer be available in test sites, pharmacies, schools, universities, or community collection points. This is because the government of the UK has stopped the distribution of lateral flow tests. Hence it will be difficult for university students to access these testing kits. 

However, there are websites where you can get them to test yourself for COVID. You can use lateral flow tests such as the Healgen antigen test or the Flowflex COVID-19 test to test multiple people and get the results quickly. 

This article will look at who can get free lateral flow tests and where you can order lateral flow tests for schools.

Who Can Get Free Lateral Flow Tests in England?

According to the NHS, if you have a health condition, you can order a pack of free lateral flow tests that will be sent to your house at least every three days. Other people who can get free lateral flow tests include those in hospitals undergoing a procedure or before surgery. 

Social care or NHS workers can also receive free lateral flow tests. The following are some of the people who can order a pack and have it delivered to them in three days:

  • Independent healthcare providers
  • Personal assistants
  • Shared Lives carer
  • NHS patient-facing staff
  • Care Quality Commission inspector
  • Workers in adult day care centres
  • Domiciliary care individuals
  • Supported living services

Where to Order Lateral Flow Tests for Schools?

Ordering lateral flow tests for schools is one of the best ways to curb the spread of COVID in your learning institution. It helps ensure the school is aware of every student’s status to prevent the spread of infection. 

One of the easiest ways to get a lateral flow test for your school is by making a mass order online. You can get these tests from websites such as You can also order lateral flow tests for school staff from the website. Testing your staff is important in preventing them from infecting the students or other employees of the school. 

The lateral flow test involves a much less intrusive process that offers fast and accurate results. You insert a swab into your nose and dig deeper until you feel the resistance. Next, you take out the swab and put it in a liquid while swirling it around as per the test kit instructions. 

You then close the lid and squeeze the liquid from the tube onto the strip. Look at the instructions given in your test kit and wait for the time allocated. You must stay within the range. Most lateral tests have a 15-30 minutes window, and exceeding the 30-minute mark will result in inaccuracies in the results. 

After the student or pupil has completed the test, it is essential to record the results, whether void, negative, or positive. This is very important as not all phases of the COVID-19 virus can be detected.


Schools are high-risk environments with a lot of human interaction. This means that there’s a high chance of one infected person spreading the COVID-19 virus to multiple people. That’s why it's important to regularly test the students and staff to ensure they are all free of COVID. You can buy COVID-19 lateral flow test kits for quick and efficient testing. These tests take a short time to show results and are highly effective.

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