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Article: How to Do a Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test

How to Do a Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test

How to Do a Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test

What is a lateral flow test? A lateral flow test (LFT) is one of the fastest ways to test for COVID. The LFT test COVID virus to determine whether a patient has the virus. Some might even ask, “is lateral flow test an antigen test? Yes, it is. It is a test to test samples for COVID-19 quickly.

The flow test kits contain all the necessary items to take the test. However, some people might not know what the LFT COVID-19 test entails, from what you need for the test to how you can prepare for it.

This article will cover what you need to perform the test, how to prepare yourself for the test, and detailed steps on how to take the test.

What You Need to Do a COVID Lateral Flow Test

What You Need to Do a COVID Lateral Flow Test

COVID lateral flow testing is pretty straightforward, and you do not need much. Most of the items you require come with the kit. That said, you require some items to ensure your test results are as accurate as possible.

To begin, you must equip yourself with a clock, watch, or stopwatch. This is because you will need to keep a close eye on the clock to ensure that you check for the results at the appropriate moment (15 minutes after taking the test).

Second, you'll require some wipes, tissues, or a towel. In essence, you will need anything capable of helping you clean the area in which you will be administering the test.

Lastly, get some soap to wash your hands before taking the test. A hand sanitiser is also a good idea if you want to avoid washing your hands. If you plan on conducting multiple rapid tests, it is essential to wash your hands or sanitise them after each test to ensure accurate results.

Online stores are some of the best places to buy Lateral Flow tests. You can choose to get the FlowFlex or Healgen rapid COVID-19 antigen self-test kit, among others. The FlowFlex COVID-19 test price is quite affordable, and so is the Healgen self-test kit.

How to get Prepared before Taking a COVID Test

Taking COVID-19 tests does not require many items, but you can do a few things to prepare yourself or others for the test. Here are some ways you can get prepared before COVID-19 testing:

  1. Ensure to wash your hands using soap and water. Alternatively, you can use hand sanitiser. 
  2. Find a flat surface to place all the test kit items. Make sure to clean the surface area.
  3. Some tests come with a pre-filled tube. However, if yours do not, you should fill the tube provided using the liquid in the package.
  4. Blow your nose before taking the test.
  5. After blowing your nose, wash your hands a second time or use sanitiser.

After taking these measures, you can go ahead with the test.

Steps to Do a COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test

Steps to Do a COVID-19 Lateral Flow Test

Here are the steps required to take the COVID lateral flow test:

  1. Some tests require a throat swab, while others simply require a nose swab. For a throat swab, open your mouth and run it over your tonsils (or the place they used to be). Repeat this four times on both sides. 

Afterwards, use the same swab to wipe the inside of your nose (both nostrils). Alternatively, if your tests only require a nose swab, wipe the inside of your nose following the flow test kit instructions.

  1. After taking the sample, place the swab in the liquid-filled tube, stir the liquid using the swab, and then close the lid (follow the instructions in the test kit).
  2. Remove the liquid from the tube and place it on the test strip.
  3. Confirm how long you have to wait for the test result by reading the instructions.
  4. Wait for the test result. Ensure you do not leave the test longer than the required time.
  5. Read the result. 
  6. Report the result of your test, be it negative, positive, or void. You should do this every time you perform the NHS lateral flow test.


Ultimately, conducting the COVID lateral flow test is not complicated, and most people can do it. You only need a few items outside of what is provided. 

Nevertheless, you need to ensure your hands and testing area are clean. If you are uncertain about anything, you can read the NHS COVID test instructions for testing guidance. Hopefully, this article has all you need to take the test correctly.

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