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Article: Healgen Antigen Test Accuracy

Healgen Antigen Test Accuracy

Healgen Antigen Test Accuracy

Lateral flow tests are so standard these days as they offer a quick and reliable way to test for COVID-19. They are fast to conduct, and you can do them in the comfort of your home. Buying a lateral flow test has also never been easier. There are different brands of lateral flow tests, but Healgen test kits have proven to be some of the best in the market. This, therefore, begs the question, how accurate are they? In this article, we look at the accuracy of the Healgen Antigen Test

What Is a Healgen Antigen Test?

So what is a Healgen test? A Healgen COVID-19 test detects the presence of SARS-CoV-2. People who suspect they have the COVID-19 virus can use it to see if they have it. If you display some of the symptoms of COVID-19, like shortness of breath, loss of taste, or a sore throat, you may need to take the COVID-19 day 2 Healgen test. The test is quick and convenient; it is also straightforward to conduct, not to mention giving accurate results. It is also CE-marked for self-testing.

How Does It Work?

The entire process involves collecting the specimen first, preparing the sample, then finally interpreting the results. Specimen collection involves using the sterile swab provided and carefully inserting it into the nostrils until you meet resistance. You then roll it around a couple of times to collect the sample. 

Afterwards, repeat the process on the other nose. The sample is then ready for processing. The processing involves the following steps:

  • Inserting the extraction tube into the workstation
  • Removing the seal to avoid spillage
  • Put the swab in the extraction tube with 0.3mL
  • Roll around the swab a couple of times. Do this while also pressing on the head. Press on the bottom and the side of the tube
  • Leave it alone for around a minute or so
  • Squeeze it a couple of times to allow for efficient immersion
  • Take out the swab
  • Place the dropper tip with a filter tightly on the extraction tube
  • Use the extracted solution as the test sample  

The test device, buffer, and sample should be left to match the room temperature before testing. Keep the nozzle with a filter on the sample extraction tube tight and hold the extraction tube in a vertical position. Squeeze four drops and squeeze the extracted solution on the sample window. Use a timer and wait for 15 minutes for interpretation. Note that the results are invalid after 20 minutes; if you have delayed past 20 minutes, you will have to redo the test.    

Healgen Antigen Test Accuracy

The result will be positive if there are two lines; the test line (T-line) and the control line (C-line). On the other hand, if there is only the Control line (C-line), the result is considered negative. The results can also be invalid if the C-line (control line) is not visible after you conduct the test. Invalid results can mean two things; the first is that you did not follow the instructions provided regarding the sample collection, preparation, and processing. It can also mean that the test kit you are using is expired; thus, the contents are not as effective as they should be or were before packing.


The Healgen antigen test is accurate and reliable for testing COVID. Many people choose it because of the convenience, as you get your results in just 15 minutes and can conduct the test yourself. If you are looking for an alternative to the Healgen test, you can buy the FlowFlex COVID-19 test, that’s just as reliable and accurate.

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