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Article: Healgen Lateral Flow Test Instructions

Healgen Lateral Flow Test Instructions

Healgen Lateral Flow Test Instructions

Thanks to rapid tests, COVID-19 can be detected these days in just 1 to 3 weeks after being infected. These flow tests analyse and look for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. Most people prefer lateral tests because they are far more effective, and you get your results just a few minutes after taking the test. 

It is more efficient to test yourself at home or school if you suspect you might have contracted COVID, especially since it’s easy to purchase lateral flow tests. You should take the test when you experience symptoms like coughing or fever. The COVID-19 day 2 Healgen test offers accurate results within a short time. 

Among the many rapid flow tests, one of the most common ones is the Healgen COVID-19 test and the FlowFlex COVID test. Healgen has been a supplier to the NHS for more than 20 years, and the DHSC validates their products. 

The Healgen antigen test is the go-to for various people because it offers you results in just 15 minutes, has everything you need right in the kit and is well-priced. In addition to that, it is accurate, reliable and has a shelf life of up to two years. Using it is also easy, courtesy of the detailed Healgen test instructions.       

How to Collect the Specimen?

Collecting the sample is relatively simple with the Healgen test kit. There is a sterile nasopharyngeal swab that is in the kit which you will use. The swab is to be inserted carefully into the nostril until it reaches the surface of the posterior nasopharynx; this is where there is the most secretion. As a rule of thumb, keep going until you meet resistance; this will be around three to four centimetres inside.  

You then swab on the posterior nasopharynx and rotate it a couple of times to collect as many cells and mucus as possible, then remove it from the nasal cavity. The swab is now ready to be processed. 

How to Prepare the Sample?

Once the sample is collected, it is time to prepare the sample; the following is a step-by-step guide on how to go about it:

  • Place the test extraction tube in the workstation
  • Ensure the tube is up firm and gets to the bottom
  • Remove the sealing film that is usually on the tube; this is to avoid spilling
  • Into an extraction tube containing 0.3mL, place the swab inside
  • Roll it at least five times and ensure you press the head against the side and bottom of the tube
  • Let the swab remain in the extraction tube for at least a minute
  • Squeeze the tube from the outside with your fingers to allow for full immersion
  • Take out the swab
  • Place the dropper tip on the tube lightly
  • Use the extracted solution as a test sample

After following these instructions with precision, you should be through with the preparation. It is essential to follow these instructions carefully to ensure the results you get are as accurate as possible. 

How to Make the Test?

Before testing, let the buffer and sample equilibrate to room temperature. Have the extraction tube in a vertical position while adding four drops to the sample window. Wait for 15 minutes, then interpret the results. The results are positive if there are two lines; the C-line (control line) and the T-line (test line). If it is negative, on the other hand, the control line (C-line) will be the only line that will show. The results can also be invalid when you cannot see the control line (C-line). Invalid results are common, especially when you did not follow the directions as advised or if the kit you are using has expired and is thus no longer effective.


The Healgen rapid flow tests are reliable when checking to see if you have COVID. The results are accurate and reliable and take a couple of minutes to get done. It does not entail complicated procedures or directions. The results are also relatively easy to read and interpret. 

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